Credit/Debit Cards

We offer Visa Personal and Business Debit Cards, ATM cards, and Visa Credit Cards for your convenience.

As our valued customer, Bank of Old Monroe is now offering you Verified by Visa. With Verified by Visa, at the end of each online purchase you sign a receipt with your private password.

Verified by Visa

Visa Personal Debit Cards

The Bank of Old Monroe debit card is the easy and convenient way to pay for purchases without using cash or credit cards. Simply use your debit card to pay for purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. All purchases will be deducted from your checking account. No interest will be accrued, no credit will be involved. And that's just the beginning of the benefits.

You'll also earn cash rewards with every qualifying purchase.

Every time you make a signature-based transaction with your Bank of Old Monroe debit card, you'll earn a cash reward based on the purchase total. In other words, every qualifying purchase of groceries, clothing, household items, entertainment and more pays you back. It couldn't be easier.

What's more, you don't have to fill out any forms or do anything extra to earn your cash rewards: We take care of everything. On a regular basis, we'll total the qualifying purchases you've made, determine how much you've earned in cash rewards, and deposit that amount into your checking account. Then it's yours to spend, any way you'd like.

If you don't have the Bank of Old Monroe debit card that offers cash rewards, getting one is easy. Simply stop by any one of our branches or give us a call. We'll handle the details for you. If you already have the Bank of Old Monroe debit card but didn't know about the cash rewards, start using your card to its full advantage. Every time you make a purchase with your debit card and sign your name to complete the transaction, it turns into cash in your pocket.

* Eligible transactions include all purchases made with your debit card that do not require a personal identification number (PIN).

To apply for a credit card with Bank of Old Monroe, click here to print an application and simply drop it in the mail or at one of our four locations.

ATM Cards

The MoneyPass ATM network has thousands of locations coast to coast, giving you more choices for accessing your accounts, and all are surcharge-free. So whether you keep your travels close to home or hit the road often, look for the MoneyPass logo to avoid surcharges. To find the MoneyPass ATM location nearest you, visit Simply use your Bank of Old Monroe ATM or debit card or apply for one today. In short, you now have thousands of ways to feel free every day.