Real Estate Loans

Whether buying a farm or investment property, refinancing a current mortgage, or expanding or making long term improvements to your operation, we offer competitive rates to finance all your real estate needs.

Equipment Loans

Quality equipment is essential to a successful farming operation.  Bank of Old Monroe offers a wide variety of farm loans to help you purchase or refinance your new or used equipment.  Semi-annual and annual payment structure options aid many borrowers' seasonal cash flows.

Production Loans

Bank of Old Monroe offers a wide variety of farm operating loans to suit your needs for purchasing inputs and paying expenses, whether you want a lump sum, or a revolving line of credit, we have what you need.

Livestock Loans

Bank of Old Monroe works alongside you to set up loans for specific livestock purchases or seasonal needs so that you can buy when the time is right for you. Our Ag Loan experts will find the right-sized finance solutions to keep up with your business. So, whether you want to increase your herd or are just starting out, look to us for your financing needs.